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By listing your services on The Crew List, you are opening yourself up to a new range of clientele that may never learn about you otherwise. Site users browse profiles to find crew members that best suit their production needs. Any work you receive from The Crew List, is not commissionable. This is not an agency web-portal. No additional booking fees will apply when you are booked through the site.



  • Add as many searchable Keywords and Tags as you’d like to pull visitors to your Profile page.
  • No Agency Commissions when booked directly via The Crew List
  • Appear at the top of matching search results
  • All contact information is listed
  • Unlimited Selections for Crew Positions
  • Full Bio/Resume
  • Full Credit List
  • Showcase all of your latest Gear
  • Link to your Website
  • List Your Services in up to 3 Cities
  • Feature Your Reel and added space for additional video + stills
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The Crew List membership will auto-renew every 12 months from date of sign-up unless you provide Camera Crews Inc./The Crew List notice, in writing, of your intent not to renew this Membership at least sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of the then current term. Camera Crews, Inc./The Crew List reserves the right to change membership rates and provide members with 60 days notice of any change, allowing for the right to cancel membership or renew at new rate for the renewing term. Any work that you receive through this site is outside of Camera Crews, Inc.. Camera Crews, Inc./The Crew List is not liable or involved in the production process in any way. The Crew List members are responsible for all invoicing and payment collection.