What is The Crew List?

The Crew List is a crew-search database of listed freelancers. Freely use the interactive map to find freelance crew members worldwide, view crew profiles, contact and book directly. Crew members pay a small yearly fee to be listed on the site. They upload their own content and manage their own profile pages. They are booked and paid directly by the production hiring them.

What makes us different from other online booking services?

The Crew List was designed and developed using our experience of what our crews want to showcase and what our clients need to see in the vetting process. We have created a crew profile structure that is thorough and allows each individual profile to speak for itself. Finding the right crew should be fast and easy on our site.

“I have a limited budget, but I can’t sacrifice quality!”

Most productions don’t have the luxury of an unlimited budget. Don’t worry!  The Crew List members want to work with you and your budgets, but remember they are professionals in the industry. The rates you offer should be at minimum, the industry standard.  Additionally, if you are working with a Crew List crew for the first time, it is customary for you to pay a deposit upfront. This is something you should work out with the crew directly.

What kind of experience do Crew List crews have?

Each freelance crew member has their own individual resume, using The Crew List you are able to access and view each member’s profile which highlights their credit list, reel, equipment, etc.